Fatigued the full working day right after course

Does this come about to everyone else? I have been absent from frequent observe and have been carrying out yoga it’s possible three periods a thirty day period currently. I was likely daily until about May well of this 12 months. Now I did a morning heated energy vinyasa and then went to breakfast with a friend, bought property at 1:30, and am now entirely hopelessly fatigued. I took a nap but am even now tremendous sluggish like my human body is jelly. Am I just no lengthier applied to the heat?

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4 Thoughts to “Fatigued the full working day right after course”

  1. I think you overdid things, and your body needs to recover. Drink lots of fluids and electrolytes. Have a spoonful of honey.

  2. Yea, hot yoga is killer. I don’t really do it that much anymore, it would make me very fatigued and nothing would really fix the feeling. I practice 4-5 times per week power yoga or Ashtanga just no heat. And sometimes you just have to take a nap and let your body rest.

  3. I get like this sometimes especially with morning classes.
    I don’t think my body is hydrated enough at that time.

  4. This can also happen because you got to a really good place and your body releases a lot of toxins or other things. It’s good to let your body fully recover after this happens. 🙂

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